A contemporary take on Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on Israeli staples.


Channeling the energy of Tel Aviv's bohemian cafe culture through a New York lens, the restaurant was designed to foster the simple, timeless act of bringing people together around a common table.

Focusing on grass-fed organic proteins, whole grains, and seasonal vegetables, Shoo Shoo Nolita serves brunch and dinner menus of shareable plates that encourage people to taste and enjoy many dishes throughout a meal, creating a communal table and a symphony of flavors every time you walk through the door.


371 Broome St.
New York, NY 10013

Breakfast 8am-12pm, TUES-FRI
Lunch 12pm-4pm, TUES-FRI
5:30pm-11pm, TUE-FRI, 6pm-11pm SAT-SUN
Brunch 11am-4pm, SAT-SUN


Chef Shimon Maman 


Shimon is a chef and restaurateur, and the former co-owner and operator of 12 Chairs Cafe. Born and raised in Israel, Shimon grew up on his family vineyard, cultivating a passion for food early in life. He later moved to Tel Aviv where he found his passion for life in music.

Following his military service, Shimon arrived in the U.S. to blend his love for music with his love for food, working as a successful and sought after DJ in New York and Miami and ultimately graduating from The International Culinary School. While living in Miami, he opened his first restaurant, serving health focused food in Coconut Grove long before the current wellness trend took off. He joined the 12 Chairs team in 2008, which has since become a beloved restaurant among the New York City restaurant landscape. In addition to creating a successful and lasting restaurant concept, Shimon was responsible for cultivating a loving team of staff members, many of whom remained under his employ during his -10 year tenure.

In January 2018, Shimon left 12 Chairs to work on a new venture, Shoo Shoo Nolita. Shimon oversees the menu and company culture, both of which are designed to create a familial atmosphere -- whether you are a guest of the restaurant or one of its employees. Shimon lives in SoHo with his wife and two children.